Knee Joint Movement Analysis with Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) for a Screening Examination by Flat Panel Detector (FPD) System 


M2 Shigeaki Morioka


 At present, the analysis of knee joint movement is more important than before, because the percentage of the population which is of advanced age is increasing and active sports for older people are becoming more popular. Therefore, quick and early diagnosis of knee joint injuries and diseases will be helpful for understanding the effects of knee joint injuries and diseases and evaluating prognosis. As a suitable modality for a screening examination of knee kinematics, the dynamic Flat Panel Detector (FPD) is proposed.


 To develop an imaging and analytical method for a screening X-ray examination of knee joint movement using a dynamic FPD system with our Computer-Aided Detection (CAD). We extracted especially a movement tracking of the lateral condyle of the femur toward the superior articular surface of the tibia during flexion and extension, and also computed knee joint angles automatically.