Theme : Quantitative Analysis of Respiratory Kinetics on Shape and Position of the Diaphragm

B4 Ayako Takeda


 Quantitative Analysis of Shape and Position of the Diaphragm on chest radiographs is very important to diagnose chest diseases . There were some theses which analyzed the details of the shape and position of the Diaphragm considered the differences of age, gender, and a body type on conventional radiographs. In respiratory systemic diseases such as chronic emphysema (obstructive lung diseases) and fibroid lung (restrictive lung diseases) were reported changes in the diaphragm. One of emphysema patients in our research, the shape of the diaphragm was flat even if the variation in the diaphragm was normal. 

 The purpose of our study is to carry out shape and motion analysis of the diaphragm at several respiratory phases with using dynamic flat-panel-detector, and to provide quantitative data of diaphragm kinetics during respiration.



 We analyze and measure shape and position of the diaphragm in 21 cases (normal 16 cases, abnormal 5 cases) now.

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